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The Real Thing

soul-felt gospel blues
uplifts the soul
engages the mind
softens the heart
frees the spirit
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MY BOOK - Tiny Blush of Sunlight

Tiny Blush of Sunlight is an historical fiction inspired by true stories and family history.

"You can see that I am bound by these ropes, and you can see that I am bleeding. What you cannot see is who I am. Today you will kill me, but you will not take my life. You have taken all of it these many years, but now I am no longer your slave." Then at the highest reach of his voice, he screamed, "I am free!"
- Rufaro Muzurehwa, Tiny Blush of Sunlight.

Slavery is more than a stain on the fabric of America. It is a coarse, dark fiber woven into the tapestry of our collective history. Its painful patterns intertwine our lives, connecting us to each other and to our past.

Tiny Blush of Sunlight is a stirring tale of the passionate and undeniable thirst for freedom. The lives of two very different slaves intersect with the life of a prominent Charleston attorney. Their hopes and dreams are tested in the fires of hatred and the pools of uncertainty and indecision. Their stories will take you to places you would never expect.
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